It’s time to begin.

Welcome, you're here because you see the need for my services. You've been in business for a while but no one recognizes you as a brand. You're doing business, but not building a community.

I want to be open and honest with you as we figure out if would be beneficial to begin a partnership, so below are the services I offer as a package for those who are ready to start investing in the direction of their brand.

Here’s what you get

Logo design
A unique visual representation of your company. Each logo I create seeks to resonate not only with members of the company but with the people they serve.
Social Profiles
An essential part of your branding will include the platforms used to communicate with your customers. Included in the package is a consistent look across all the platforms you use, be it, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc.
Brand Guideline
To ensure consistency across your brand, I will create a document that details all the information needed when developing your brand, whether I continue or it’s handed off to another.
Up to three initial pieces
To help get your brand off the ground, included are up to three pieces needed. We will look at which pieces will really enhance your brand and communicate in the right places. *Depending on the volume of work needed to create these pieces, the price of the package may flucuate.