Changing Normal
Ian Matthew Voigts

• Changing Normal

31 March 2020

My hope during this time is that what used to be normal becomes less important to our society. We have seen such an outpouring of love and generosity. These ideas used to be novel ideas that were used as marketing tactics. Let these things change. Let love and generosity be the root of your business, your actions and what drives you in your relationships.

We’ve been given the opportunity to see what really matters. It’s people. All other things have stopped. Our conveniences have been forced out of our lives. The way we have been working has shifted significantly. Let’s take this opportunity and extend it past our lockdown.

When we take a slower approach to life, we are able to see others better. We are able to give more in ways that make a difference in people’s lives. Let this be a change in your life. Take things slower. Be aware of others.