In Pursuit of Process

Over the past year and a half, I’ve thought a lot about process. I’ve read articles and books, giving me the latest insight into how to create a process that will transcend the odds and build my business. Also, over the past year and a half, I’ve approached mostly everything with a “slow growth” mentality.

Slow growth not being tied to any monetary evaluation but rather one that affords the way running a business and living life I’d like to see. In my slow growth, what is valued is taking care of clients, being real about the expectations of projects, being honest with myself about progress, creating time for my wife and children, and more.

More about process. A lot of advice has centered around creating a process and no matter what project or task comes through, it get funneled through the process. This is efficient. This allows for planning and forecasting. It also feels cold. There are many aspects of a process that eliminate the real life back and forth of all personal interactions. Process is good, however, when process gets in the way of building a relationship with a client, it no longer becomes valuable.

I value relationships. For example, I am more than happy to sit with a prospective client and advise at multiple points. It is important to actually help someone and a 30 minute free consultation provides such little time and availability to (1) get to know someone and (2) build trust.

Process is good but valuing the process above all is more hurtful to your business than it does good. People are messy. People make mistakes. People take time to make decisions. Let those things happen and you will find growth.

April 7, 2019