I’m a millennial

I was at this networking event this morning, my second time attending, and I’m easily the youngest by 20 years. I am their children’s age, for some their grandchildren. It’s been a great experience, meeting many new faces, making a few connections.

There’s usually a presenter going through their business and then a value add. During today’s value add a gentleman, older than 60, got up and was discussing with us the difference between ROI and ROE (return on experience). He began as all members of the 50 plus society do, with this phrase, “millennials are looking for.” As he made that statement, we locked eyes. I think it threw him.

As I think about how to speak to the broad range of people I encounter, I am reminded that I need to be very aware of who I am talking to. Putting qualifications around my target audience is such a limiting factor in business. All types of people are interested in doing business with you and when you start by locking them into a specific “demographic” they begin to look elsewhere.

Be conscious of your words. When building your business, use language that is inclusive rather than qualifying. Meet people where they are but not in a condescending way.

April 10, 2019