Everything around us is negative, try finding good.


In my day to day, it’s easy for me to be brought down in the negative. Politics surround me. People who are out for themselves, conquer and move ahead. Meetings where we have to prove that things are happening are constant. Donal Trump is president, so there are multiple conversations about crazy policies. Twitter has become full of hate for everyone. Facebook was already in the business of showing how others people are better than yours, so nothing new there. Everything around us is negative, try finding good.

A good friend has challenged me to be a good finder. That sound easy, but as I attempt to do so, I am finding that it isn’t easy to find the good, when everyone is talking bad. As a way to record how to improve on being a good finder, I am going to list out ways that I am focusing and accomplishing being a good finder.

Ways to be a good finder

1. Finding friends at work. Being surrounded by people I like and those that like me, has been the biggest encouragement. They level me out by listening to the toughness of work, but provide actionable ways to get through those times. They help me in finding good. We also now get to play ping pong.

2. Set my mind on doing my best. This is something I can control. Realize that whatever happens around me, if I do my best, I can be happy with my performance, even if other feel differently.

3. Contribute to places seeking to be positive. Kindness.org has been a good source of quick thoughts, to pull me back into the positive.

4. Put down Twitter, Facebook, Instgram and take a walk. I have fallen in love with being outside. My new office has large windows right behind my desk, and I can already tell that just seeing outside has brightened my days. Being tempted to be check social media is a constant battle, but one that can be won.

This is the key

5. Get up and encourage someone around you. Don’t let the day be only about yourself. Get up and find a person and give them a compliment. Tell someone they have done a good job on a project. Even better, give them a high five for it. Take someone to lunch. Buy a stranger a coffee. Give someone in need, the thing they are in need of. Do these things for unselfish reasons and the you will start finding good.

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