Easy English Take One

This past week, Joe and I ventured downtown, to the Bean, to shoot the very first episode of Easy English. It couldn’t have turned out better. A few lessons were learned.

  1. Make sure the camera is recording. I was behind the camera and the first few shots we took, I messed up. I didn’t know where the record button was, so I recorded nothing. Thankfully, Joe was too upset.
  2. Figure out how to approach people. We struck out on our first interview. They declined and we moved on. However, it was a lesson in knowing how to approach people and spotting those that would say yes.
  3. When you look like you know what you are doing, people will approach you. After a few recordings were under our belts, people started to approach us, asking what we were doing. When they do that, they are really asking, can you interview us.
  4. Be prepared to move around and move quickly. Some of the interviews started quickly and I was ready, so I got the last half. Be prepared to shoot quickly.

Overall it went very well. I’m excited to continue shooting and learning more about video production and filming.

April 8, 2019