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Ameda is one of the longest standing personal breast pump companies, having started over 75 years ago from the research of Einar Engall. Ameda continues to build on their brand by developing innovative products. In keeping current with the needs of mothers, Ameda’s brand needed to evolve. Neighbor worked specifically on building off the legacy of Einar, but with an appeal to today’s mother.

The Old Brand

We identified weak points in the brand, while emphasizing elements and styles that would allow the brand to stand firm. Building a solid brand is a slow game. Impulsive rebrands lead to weak points and overlook areas that need attention. Our approach is ongoing and one that builds, tests new brand elements and builds with feedback.

Defining The Brand

The trap that a lot of companies fall into with a long list of products with many details is to default to a lack of attention to each input. Our focus for developing the catalog styles was organization first and brand second. We used the elements established to build out collateral for sales materials that would put content first and brand as a support.

Packaging System

The challenge with having multiple products is how do you differeniate on the shelf, while presenting the product above all. We created a flexible system of elements that work for the content needed on each packaging. This created a cohesive, consistent system while allowing for new instances to be implemented seamlessly.

Details In The Illustrations

In several cases, there was a need for more specific and technical drawings. We’ve developed a few different styles per the type of project need. The style created is meant to work in simplicity or technical complexity.