Ian Matthew Voigts
Ian Matthew Voigts

• The Value of Free

8 April 2019

I’m in the business of designing things for money. I expect to be paid for the work that I do for you. However, I do not know everything. While a lot of businesses jump into new areas to monetize that new service, I am not.

I have a strict set of core services. It makes sense for me to focus my efforts on these core services. However, I use my knowledge of brand and marketing strategy to steer and direct you to my services. I do not charge for those conversations. It would be unfair for me to charge you for a 30-60 minute conversation in a coffee shop.

There is value in free. This is not spec work. These are conversations. Of course, I would love for you to make the decision to hire me. My ultimate goal in those conversations is to help your business succeed.

There is value in free conversations. I will continue to talk for free.