A Review: Iron Man

Christina and I are watching the Marvel Universe. I know a little more than Christina about the movies, however, not much more. We are going to go through them in order of release and not chronologically, so we are in for the long haul of 59 hours or so. Tonight we watched Iron Man – number one.

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Review Right off the bat, the visuals hold up. There was only one time where the action scene seemed slow and out of date. For the most part it seemed like the beginning of the universe held strong.

In looking at the plot, I found it still to be pretty formulaic. There’s a beginning conflict, struggle/break through montage and then a final battle scene. It was exciting and energetic, but hadn’t hit the stride like some of the more recent Marvel movies.

Surprisingly, the movie held Christina’s attention. I was curious, since it’s 11 years old, if it would be exciting enough, but she was on the edge of her seat and asking detailed questions about what was happening.

Rating 7/10

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April 8, 2019